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  • must be a Malaysian citizen
  • have at least one year teaching experience
  • passionate about teaching and be responsible


  • Interested to become a teacher? If YES, please Sign Up your information.
  • After registration, teacher can apply job online.
  • Only shortlisted teacher will be contacted.

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SJUEC.COM will introduce the Tutor to the Client and will act as an agent on his or her behalf

Fees and Payment

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This is one off payment and we will not collect further commission for subsequent months. We will 100% full refund to you if parent/student terminates your service prior commencement of the first tuition class.

The Client will agree the fee before any tutoring takes place.

The tutor will submit a time sheet to SJUEC.COM for the work they have done with the tutee, the client (parent or guardian of the tutee) must sign the timesheet before it can be submitted


No liability is accepted by SJUEC.COM for any claim made by a client that is to do with the tutoring carried out by a tutor when SJUEC.COM made the introduction


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You cannot change the fee in anyway with the client unless you have written consent from SJUEC.COM.

Agent fees will be charged from SJUEC.COM .

Tutors are independent contractors fully in charge of their own scheduling and lessons, and also dealing with client after recommendation.

Cancellation policy

SJUEC.COM do not accept responsibility for cancellation. Tutors are independent contractors fully in charge of their own scheduling and lessons, and also dealing with client after recommendation

Data Protection Act

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